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Lance was second in Graduate Solid at the London Cocker Champ Show


Coventry Cocker Open show- Lancelot was second in the Junior class.


Solid Cocker Open Show

Lance won special Graduate and Dyllan was third in special Gradate (black, b/t and solid) thanks to judge Mrs J Wyeth (Fendrove)

Midlands Champ show

Lance was third of twelve in a good quality junior class.

Home Counties Cocker

Another good day, Lance won two classes Sp Yearling and Graduate whilst Dyllan was third in the limit class.

Woolwich & Bexley

Both Lance and Dyllan won their classes with Lance going BOB. Thanks to judge Mrs S Turk (Spankis)


Ashford and Faversham

Delighted to say both Dyllan and Lance won their class at the show under David Howarth with Lance going RBOB.

At Richmond Lance was 3rd in his first Junior class.



Delighted to say that Lance was BOB in cockers at Kent County Open show. He then went on to be

group1. Thanks to judge Paul Carpenter  (cockers) and Miss S Anderton (Gundog Group).

Dyllan got second in his open class.

At National Gundog, under judge Elaine Thomas,Lance was placed second in the novice class.



At Windsor Lance was placed 3rd in the puppy class, Emily had a good day handling another cocker to 4th place in the Yearling class.



A lovely day at a local charity show where Emily and Lance went RBIS coming into the challenge as best junior handerunder Kay Crisp.


Tyke, handled by Emily, turn to shine today he was RBOB at Newmarket under judgeJackie Horbey.


What a wonderful day. Lance won his puppy class at The Three Counties Champ show, he then went on to win Best Puppy Dog.

Many thanks to Mrs L A Spencer the judge

The Puppy Dog Challenge

Lancelot BPD at Three Counties



Lance qualified again at Bath Champ Show, he also came 3rd in the Pro Plan Puppy Stakes class, thanks to the judge Mr G Hill. The following day we went to Coventry Cocker where Lance came 1st in Puppy Dog and Second in Solid puppy, Dyllan came 4th in Tyro many thanks to judge Shelia Ewan (Crigdean).


Lance won best puppy in match at ringcraft and then went on to win best in match overall. Thanks to the judge


A long drive to Stafford for the National Champ show. Lance was third in the puppy class under Mrs B Rice-Stringer and short – listed to the last few in a large puppy stakes class. Tyke came with us and moved nicely in his class but went unplaced this time. Lovely to see friends and enjoy good “northern chips”



A nice end to the month with Lance winning best puppy in match at ringcraft.Thanks to the judge


Welks, our first outdoor Champ showSandy Platt was our judge and Lance was placed third in his first puppy class. It was a lovely sunny day which we enjoyed very much.


A nice little trip to the East Anglian Cocker Open Show today. Lance won his puppy Dog class and met up with his dad and sister.


An excellent start to the month with Lance placed second in a strong Minor Puppy Dog class at the Midlands Cocker Champ Show under Judge Mrs Linda Robinson (Jozelah).

“Molkara Crystal knight at Brimbeck – A black baby of quality and balance, full of type, in excellent coat and condition, moved well and showed himself well, liked him very much” – Linda Robinson

Tyke was placed second in the AOC Than Black, Red, Golden,BlackK & Tan, Liver, Blue roan class and Dyllan was second in Black, Red/Golden, Black & Tan, Liver graduate followed by VHC in Undergraduate. A lovely day many thanks to Linda Robinson.



Another good day for Lance (Molkara Crystal Knight At Brimbeck) at the South Wales and Monmouth Cocker Champ

Show. Under Adam Murray he was placed 3rd in the Minor Puppy Dog Class


What a way to finish the month, Lance Qualified for Crufts 2011 at the  North Midlands and Eastern Counties  Cocker Champ show under Mrs Jinty Gill Davies (Rosecourt) by coming second in Minor Puppy Dog. Thanks to Emily Gain for handling him today.

7mth black , well made head and eye, kindly expression, clean neck, fair lay of shoulders, correct length of foreleg on which he scored, good body, ribs and topline, well turned hindquarters, stylish mover.

Tyke’s turn to shine at East Kent on 8/02/10 under Emily Gain he was a good boy and moved well going second in the open class.

14/02/10 Home Counties Champ show. Tyke again was a star winning the AOC Post Graduate much to our delight. Lance was placed RES in the Minnor Puppy Dog class

21/02/10 London Cocker Open. Lovely to see friends at this show.Lance was placed 3rd today in puppy Dog.


A lovely start to the year with Dyllan (Black Runer of Brimbeck) winning BOB at Ashford and Faversham under Alistar Moss (EWTOR)

Tyke (Cardamine Rainbpw Tyke At Brimbeck)  came second in a full open class. Lance came along to watch, his turn soon.

Photo taken at Ashford

Lots of snow so many shows not going ahead.

Lance had his first show Buckingham Canine Society Open. He was great and came second in his AV minor puppy class. Thanks to judge Mrs Lesley Wearing (Miofrey).

Our first champ show of the year at Hants and Sussex. Dyllan get a lovely Res in the solid graduate class.

Lance moved really well but got ants in his pants during his minor puppy class.

31/01/10 East of England Ladies Kennel Ass Open show

Lance was on his own today, we had a change of jusde to Shelia Sadler who gave Lance second in Cocker puppy and 1st in AV gundog puppy, he also won best AV Gundog.

He then went on to win AV Minor puppy dog under Jeff Luscott (Jalus). A lovely day thanks Lance.♥

Here he is thanks to Sam for the photo