Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck ShCM 1xCC


AV gundog Sheringham (20/9)

 Pilkington’s Cocker, Molkara Crystal Knight at Bribeck, excellent black mature male, held off a strong challenge from 2. Nothing overdone. Oozed quality; 


surprised not to see this dog in the breed classes. Simply stunning my notes say. Most appealing head & expression, lovely length of neck flowing into well laid back shoulders, straight front leading into catlike feet, excellent front & rearquarters, excellent topline. Moved truly, correctly & soundly from every angle Hilary Male

Thetford (8/8)

very classy black Cocker who demonstrated both excellent breed type & conformation; Sally Leslie

1st in Limit EoE

on the stack the smartest with pleasing outline, good body, forehand, depth to brisket, positive mover;

1st in open dog/BOS at Boston (No CC’s for cockers)

5 year old male, very nice type, good head & expression, nice eye, ears well set, good length of neck, shoulders well laid, good legs & feet, strong body well muscled, well ribbed back, good quarters, topline held on the move. -Jill peak


1st in limit dog at LKA

 black, balanced masculine head, typical eye & expression. Combines quality with substance.  Clean neck & well made forehand, on which he scored. Correct body & ribs. Muscular hindquarters.  Scored in over all balance & proportion. Moved well; – JINTY GILL-DAVIS

BIS at Home Counties Cocker Club Good quality masculine dog of good shape.  Good type of well chiselled head with  nice dark eye.  Good length of neck, sloping shoulders and forequarters.  Good depth and length of rib, nice width all thought and in hindquarters with a good bend of stifle.  Moved well with plenty of drive and in good coat and condition. BD and BIS Alastair Moss

3rd in limit dog at Gundog society of Wales

2nd in limit dog at Southern Counties

quality black boy now in his prime. Excellent head with dark expressive eyes. Good straight front with plenty of depth & width. Stands firmly on well boned legs & good feet. Excellent rearquarters, short below hocks enabling him to really drive around the ring. In super coat & condition. A1 presentation; -EVE MILBURN

2nd in limit dog at Welks 

At Boston champ show Lancelot was 2nd in open dog and won the YKC stakes

Nicely balanced dog with a good expression, level back, good rear angulations, steady on the move, lovely tight feet, well presented. Ben Racketts


Lancelot won a quality Limit class at the gundog society of Wales

LD (14, 4) A class full of quality. 1 Pilkington’s Molkara Crystal Knight Of Brimbeck. This black really impressed. Great head and eye, stands on good legs and feet, excellent neck and shoulder, well made body and shown in good order, presented a very good picture, sound mover.

Rowland Webb


Lancelot won a lovely open black class at East Anglian Cocker judge Helen Macdonald 

Substantial Blk. Looking mature and finished in super coat and condition. Real quality head. Well bodied from topline. Moved with good driving action.

Lancelot BOB and Gp 4 at Norfolk and Norwich with Lalyla RBOB. Also both second in stakes Classes and Dyllan a 3rd winning a lovely financial award

Well made black dog with correct head and eye. Compact body with deep chest and short loin. Tail well set and correctly carried on the move. BOB.


VHC and some lovely comments from the judge at Crufts. Lance wasn’t as up on his toes as normal but still managed to be placed in Mid-Limit 🙂

He was also in the Gundog YKC stakes final


Lancelot was BOB under Wendy Grist at Kent

1st Pilkington’s Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck ShCM my find of the day!The most beautiful headed black dog with melting ‘take me home’ expression, dark tight eye, correct dentition, lovely reach of neck into good shoulders, nice upper arm return and good front, strong legs lead into neat feet. Excellent spring of rib, short in loin, good bend of stifle and short below the hocks. Good muscle tone throughout which showed him off to his best as he powered round the ring. In good gleaming coat and A1 presentation as is usual from this exhibitor. Delighted to award this super boy BOB.


Lancelot BOB at Nuneaton Chryl Blackley

Having admired this boy for many years now,  I was so pleased to have the opportunity to go over him. He was exactly what I  was looking for today. He has the most beautiful of head, with a lovely melting  expression, fantastic reach of neck into well laid shoulders, which flowed into  lovely front construction, plenty of depth and width, finished with a strong  topline, which he held on the move and stacked. Plenty of substance, without  being over done, lovely tight feet. Very well muscled throughout, which showed  on the move, tip top condition and presentation, a true credit to not only his  owner but his breeder too. My heart melted when he was stacked for the final  awards, just looked the perfect picture today, so very pleased to be able to  award him BOB.

Lancelot BOB at Boston Champ ShowOutstanding black dog, excellent head, neck and shoulders, firm, level topline, good tail set and carriage, superb coat condition, excellent movement. BD, BOB. B Hill


Lancelot BOB and gp4 at Luton

Solid black that exudes quality, had a good head, pleasing eye, good  shoulder placement, lovely quarters, moved well, deserved his BOB.


Lancelot BIS at Home Counties Cocker

One I have admired  from the ringside. It was a pleasure to get the chance to go over him.  Masculine well chiselled head, good width of foreface, stop and gently rounded  skull. Excels in length to neck. Deep well sprung ribs. Short coupled throughout.  Moved with drive, effortlessly covered the ground. Was an honour to award him  BIS.


Lancelot RBIS at the East Anglian Cocker Club

Pilkington’s Molkara Crystal Knight with Brimbeck ShCM RBIS. My surprise of the day. Lovely headed boy with good proportions and a soft expression, clean neck into well laid shoulders, plenty of heart room and a well ribbed body. Good width and tone to both his first and second thigh, everything fitted together all through. Strode out with ease holding a level topline. RBIS

Lanceelot BOB at Sheringham Open show


Lancelot and Emily qualify for Crufts YKC stakes at Bournemouth

correct head planes with good pigmentation, correct ears and dark eyes, correct profile when stacked, good front and rear angulation, moved out well.

Photo: Shel Cowles


Delighted to say that Lancelot was placed third in his class at Crufts

Pilkington’s Molkara Crystal Knight At Brimbeck ShCM. Another good  black with lots to admire, lovely head, nicely proportioned, sound on the move,  presented in lovely condition.

February 2012 Lancelot wins the PG class under judge Lin Parker and was then shortlisted for the CC at North Midlands and Eastern Counties  Cocker.

Handsome black,  lots of substance, loved his chiseled head and dark expressive eyes, strong  neck let into well laid shoulders, good forehand, short coupled and deep, big  ribs, wide,well angulated quarters, lovely tight feet, very sound with good  driving action, well presented, he was on my shortlist.

February 2012 Lancelot wins his and our first CC under Judge Elaine Thomas at the Home Counties Cocker Club Champ Show!

Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck
“My star of the day, masculine head, good development of forechest, correct upper arm & shoulders, strong neck, big ribbed deep chested body. Excellent bone, wide well muscled upper thigh, strong hocks, well padded tight feet, super coat texture & presentation, moved with such easy drive from behind, keeping perfect topline .Looked a picture standing and on the moving, never faulted throughout the day or challenge just showed himself to perfection CC” Elaine Thomas

Coventry Champ show Lance won his class and was shortlisted to the last five for the ticket!

Pilkington’s Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck. 2  year old black boy who has a most lovely head with tight, dark eyes giving a  lovely, gentle expression. Excellent forequarters with straight front and  plenty of bone. Strong in body with well sprung ribs. Good topline, well  muscled and developed hindquarters, short below hock giving him plenty of  drive. Very sound and merry mover, flat silky coat that was beautifully  presented. Shortlisted in the challenge.

East Kent A wonderful day Lance achieved the last point needed for his ShCM and topped it off by going RBIS. Thanks to breed judge Mrs R.E.A Barney (Verrami), group judge Roger Millbank and BIS judge Annette Oliver (Dairylane).

RBIS – Molkara Crystal Knight at Brimbeck, Black Male Cocker who really looked the part, super outline with good body underneath, an immaculately presented coat. Good tail set and very good quarters, moved with purpose. Annette Oliver

BOB and Group3 at Barking Ruth Lewis (Valasarch) group (Mrs A Falconer)

Beautiful, handsome  black boy.  He has a good head I would  prefer slightly less skull but his expression is pleasing with a kind dark eye  and low set ears.  His neck leads nicely  into good shoulders.  Strong front  assembly and good depth all through.   Firm in topline and loin. Well developed quarters which enabled him to  move really well covering the ground.   Lovely outline standing and on the move, so balanced. BOB GRP 3.

AV Essex Air Ambulance Stakes Paul Singleton

Black cocker with very nice balance. Shining with condition and moved out very well. Close

Lance wins the PG class at East Anglian Cocker, thanks to judge Shelia Ewan

black dog, up to size, masculine head without coarseness,  good lay back of shoulders, correct topline, moved well with drive, would like  to see a little less coat.

2nd in Graduate at City of Birmingham (Sarah Amos-Jones)

Appealing expression, well placed shoulders, well angulated, ample body, moved well.

Lance was BOB at Kent under Jeff Buck

East of England Ladies Kennel

RBOB black dog with handsome head and lovely dark eyes with gentle expression, good length of neck and lay of shoulders, legs of good bone, toned body in good coat condition, moved well. Pearkim

Lancelot was first in his breed class at National Gundog 2011 and also won the Good Citizen stakes

well up to size, very typical head and expression, strong front, good depth of chest and brisket, tight feet, positive movement goingout and returning.Eileen Gates

Lancelot won his class at the Cocker Club 2011

good headed black, very well made throughout, excels in body and bone, moved ok, sound.

Emily and Lance 1st in YKC stakes at Evesham

Cocker, quality exhibit extremely well handled, moved & showed well” Margaret Harkin

Emily and Lancelot gained 3rd place in the YKC stakes at Southern Counties

Lancelot was RBIS at the South of England Gundog Show May 2011

Sturdy well balanced happy dog. Balanced head, moderate and muscular neck fitting into a well laid shoulder. Well off for bone and body. Shown in excellent coat. Moved on a ground covering stride. Sandra M Marshall BIS judge

Smart black dog. Good masculine head with tight eye and gentle expression. Good neck into well laid shoulders. Well ribbed. Good bone and angulation. Moved soundly with drive. Well presented in good coat. BOB and RBIS.
Mary Palmer

Qualified for Cruft 2012 April 2011 2nd in Yearling at Cheshire Cocker

21 mths A very nice dog. Good conformation, well balanced, liked his shoulder placement and angulation good rear end. Moved very well. Marrion Sweeney


( Molkara B ‘Daring X SH CH Molkara Elise)

Lance has qualified for Crufts 2011 at the North Midlands Cocker Champ show, South Wales and Monmouthshire Cocker Champ show, The Midlands Cocker Champ show, Welks Champ show,  National Champ show, Bath Champ Show, Windsor champ show and Three Counties Champ show where he also was awarded Best Dog Puppy. Thanks to all the judges. He is a lovely boy who enjoys his showing, his tail never stops!

Many thanks to Kim Gain for this lovely boy and her continued support.

18mths -Molkara Crystal Knight At Brimbeck. Black boy of lovely type, super head with dark eye and melting expression, low set ears, good neck meeting clearly at withers, straight legs to tight feet, correct tail set, moved with lively action and show in good coat  and featherings. BOB Ashford and Faversham  – Bridgette Bodie

16mths – 1st in Sp Yearling – Very well made boy, good bone, strong pasterns,compact well padded feet, nice breadth right through, but would hope that his growing days are over.Lovely balanced head with square muzzle, scissor bite and well placed eyes and ears. Sound and confident showman. Dr Geoffery G Curr [Natimuk]

12 mths – 2nd Novice “Better head than the winner, elegant shape and good posative movement, just needs time to come to his best”  Elaine Thomas National Gundog 2010

11mths 1st in PD and BPD” mascline, cobby black dog, he scored in head and kind expression, adequate neck, well boned legs, deep body with well sprng ribs and plenty of ubstance through-out, he covered the ground with drive using his well mae quarters” – Lesley Spencer 3 Counties 2010

9mth 1t pd “Liked this lad a lot. Lovely shape with masculine head and a good reach of neck onto well laid shoulders, Excellent bone and substance for his age. Good mover” – – Irene Glen East Anglian Cocker Open2010

8 mth 2nd MBD “Molkara Crystal knight at Brimbeck – A black baby of quality and balance, full of type, in excellent coat and condition, moved well and showed himself well, liked him very much” – Linda Robinson MIdlands Cocker Champ 2010

7mth  2nd in MPD black , well made head and eye, kindly expression, clean neck, fair lay of shoulders, correct length of foreleg on which he scored, good body, ribs and topline, well turned hindquarters, stylish mover. – Jinty Gill Davis North Midlands and Eastern Counties Champ Show 2010

Taken at six months

Many thanks to Kim Gain for our lovely new baby who has settled in very well with the other boys.

2 months

3 Months